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This style as pictured is quite colorful and I aim to reproduce the multicolor feeling. I would like to say that it won’t be 100% EXACTLY like the picture. If you would like it to be almost 100% exactly please write to me directly at  lindatoye-email. The jewellery piece will be as colorful but not an exact replica. This way each one is different & unique. Also if you would like a multicolor that has more of one or two colors,or is more black or more dark blue,  just let me know :) I aim to please!

Also please remember that these beads are sun-light sensitive. Try not to sweat or use alot of suntan lotion at the same time as wearing these beads. Also avoid hairspray & perfume(spray these first then put on your jewellery.) Some of the more vibrant colors will fade over time. This is normal. Like your favorite pair of jeans, they may change a bit over time. & I have had a few people tell me they like the patina/faded color even more :)
If something dramatic happens within 6 months, I will replace it for free, after that there is a small charge. I do hope you will enjoy your jewellery!

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